TULSA, OK – The City of Tulsa announced has prepared its fleet for winter weather by adding a number of vehicles and snow-clearing equipment, according to a news release from the City.

To start, Tulsa is adding more trucks and snowplows. The City's Streets and Stormwater Department is purchasing five new plows and seven new spreader trucks. These purchases bring its fleet to 62 spreader trucks and 44 plows. Tulsa stated it is beginning the season with 55 spreaders and 39 plows and that the new equipment will arrive in early in the new year. Next, the City has ensured that 17 of its police vehicles are now four-wheel drive when compared with last year. It purchased chains for its Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority drivers, and smaller plow blades to mount on 3/4-ton pickups for clearing snow in driveways and intersections.

The City also has a new salt storage facility that said will store between 14,500 and 15,000 tons for this year’s winter.

"We put together a task force after last year's record winter storms to look at what we can do better to help Tulsa deal with snow and ice and winter weather," said Mayor Bartlett. "Our streets maintenance managers, the Police and Fire Departments and other emergency responders, the Airports and other agencies have all been involved in the discussions.

Lastly, the City has put contingency contracts with private contractors in place for street clearing and any necessary emergency street clearing services.