ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL -  FleetMatics, a global provider of fleet management solutions for commercial fleet vehicles, announced the latest release of its GPS software solution for tracking and performance management of mobile assets. The FleetMatics 8.5 GPS vehicle tracking system offers new features such as industry benchmarks, believed to be an industry first, along with speed limits and the FleetMatics fuel card.

According to FleetMatics CEO Jim Travers, "With this new release, FleetMatics once again sets the pace for fleet management, harnessing the power of the historical information in our database to provide fleet managers and business owners with greater visibility into their business to improve operational efficiency while reducing costs."

FleetMatics CTO Peter Mitchell added: "Our developers continue to incorporate the latest technologies and client input to further improve on our product, which we believe is the easiest to use GPS fleet management software on the market. The latest update of the FleetMatics system features key improvements, as suggested by FleetMatics customers. We believe these enhancements help our customers stay current on the latest trends in fleet management solutions."

FleetMatics 8.5 Enhancements At-a-Glance:

Industry benchmarks: FleetMatics users already know about the volumes of data the system provides, but many of them want the perspective of knowing how their fleet should be performing when compared to similar businesses, industries and locations. Continuing down the path of providing business intelligence, the FleetMatics Industry Benchmarks provides that analysis for the user's individual needs, providing deep insight into each vehicle's performance and identifying impactful opportunities for improvement. With one of the largest customer sets in the vehicle tracking industry and billions of position points received, we believe FleetMatics is in a strong position to provide industry benchmarks with high credibility and relevance at a local level.

Industry benchmarks expands on the tools already offered with the data mining engine that helps the user analyze idling time, mileage, speed, and engine on-time for every vehicle tracked. Industry benchmarks goes in-depth with simple, actionable insights based on mining historical trends and comparisons to specific industries, major segments, and geographical regions.

Speed limits: Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions limit visibility into speeding on only interstates and highways. With speed limits, FleetMatics goes well beyond standard posted speed metrics, providing a more comprehensive source of speed limit information across all types of roads and geographies, including local and residential roads. Speed limits is powered by FleetMatics RoadSpeed, a specialized database of average speed values derived from billions of points of vehicle movement.

FleetMatics fuel card: As an expansion of Fuel Card Reporting, which integrates a fleet's current fuel card usage with the FleetMatics GPS tracking software, FleetMatics has teamed up with Fleetcor, an independent global fleet card provider, to deliver the FleetMatics Universal Platinum MasterCard. This partnership delivers flexible billing and payment options, personal assistance and training to establish controls and optimize savings, and strong and customizable purchasing controls.

CEO Travers noted: "As has been our tradition, FleetMatics customers will not be charged for these incremental enhancements in the 8.5 release of our software. We also offer free, unlimited training on the new features. It's part of our continual goal to provide our clients with practical, easy-to-use fleet tracking solutions, along with the technical support they need, to leverage our software for maximum results."