TORRANCE, CA - Bobit Business Media knows safety. We have been covering fleet safety through our fleet magazines for more than 50 years now, from accident management analyses and safety supplements to our e-mail newsletters.

Based on information from the Automotive Fleet 2011 accident management analysis, the cost of accidents is continuing to rise due to such factors as increased parts prices, greater use of non-repairable parts (a more expensive alternative), a proliferation of potentially distracting in-vehicle technology, and increased usage of cell phones while driving.

The average authorized amount for accidents in 2010 ($2,097) increased over both 2008 and 2009 numbers.

What does this all mean? It’s time to recognize the importance of fleet safety.

The 2012 Fleet Safety Conference will be held May 22-23 at the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg, Ill. This is the only conference designed to educate and honor the top commercial and public sector safety fleet managers in the nation. The two-day event will be jam-packed with educational sessions and will include the presentation of the first-ever Fleet Safety Award, sponsored by the American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA).

“AALA is thrilled to see a conference focused on safety and to sponsor the fleet safety award. More than 30,000 people are killed and many more are injured on our roads every year,” said Pam Sederholm, executive director, AALA.

Details, Details, Details…

Educational sessions will include information on distracted driving, predicting and preventing at-fault crashes, resources that can be used to promote a safety culture, facts and information on entrustment liabilities, federal and state regulations and compliance, and much more.

All attendees will receive an official certificate of participation from Bobit Business Media.

Recognized for Safety

The first-ever Fleet Safety Award will also be presented at the conference, honoring a top safety professional.

"We believe we have a joint responsibility with our clients to manage the cost of accidents, downtime, and liability, as well as to do what we can to help keep the roads safe for our clients, employees, and families. AALA looks forward to being able to recognize the leaders in our industry who have demonstrated best practices and shown proven results in preventing accidents,” said Dan Frank, president of Wheels Services and vice president, federal government affairs for AALA.

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