Vern Helbig

Vern Helbig

LONG BEACH, CA – The Superintendent of Maintenance Vern Helbig is retiring from this position after nearly 30 years with the City of Long Beach, Calif.

After working as an auto mechanic, Helbig started his career with the City as a Gas Department customer service representative. After three years in that department, he moved to the City’s fleet services department as an equipment mechanic. He moved up to the position of Equipment Mechanic II in 2001, and in 2004 received a promotion to Heavy Line Supervisor. Prior to his promotion to that position, and later to superintendent, Helbig specialized in police motorcycle repair.

When Government Fleet asked Helbig’s co-worker Frank McIlvenny, supervisor of stores and property for the City, about Helbig’s accomplishments, McIlvenny described his role as a motorcycle safety advocate.

“As a result of Vern's expertise in motorcycle repair, he became an advocate for motorcycle safety. This was demonstrated by addressing the City Council and providing education regarding motorcycle ABS systems and how these systems could save patrolmen lives, reduce and/or prevent injury and reduce possible litigation costs. Vern's council address was a significant additional determining factor for the City to purchase ABS-equipped motorcycles for the fleet.”

In total, Helbig spent 32 years working in the fleet industry.