BEAVERTON, OR – The Beaverton Police Department introduced a new design for its vehicles assigned to the Department’s Patrol and Traffic Divisions over the weekend. The first vehicles the department is using the new paint scheme on are a Dodge Charger Police Pursuit and a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The department said the design features black and white as background colors (shown here). The department’s traditional blue lettering will remain in the design as a background color behind the Beaverton Police logo on both sides of the vehicles.

The City’s patrol cars were traditionally blue and white, but the variations in the blue color over the years made it difficult to maintain a uniform look. The City said it will phase out the old design as it adds new vehicles to the fleet.

“This design addresses the challenges we faced, while still allowing us to maintain a part of our history. Saturday’s unveiling culminates the efforts of many individuals over the past months and we look forward to introducing the new design to the community,” commented Beaverton Chief Geoff Spalding.