STAPLES, MN -, a leading government auction provider, has been awarded a contract for "Surplus Asset Liquidation and/or Auction Services with Related Solutions" by the National Joint Powers Alliance. The contract was approved on June 21 and is available nationally to NJPA Members.

The NJPA contract enables government, education, and non-profit agencies a purchasing solution that satisfies most agencies' competitive bid requirements. The Property Room contract broadens the depth and breadth of competitively awarded services available to NJPA member agencies.

Founded by former police officers, Property Room provides an auction platform for products from over 2,400 police departments and municipalities nationwide. Property Room auctions cover practically every category of consumer goods, from watches, laptops and power tools to jewelry, coins, and cars. Unique and offbeat items on the website have included eight-person bikes, Persian rugs, signed art, and surfboards.

"Property Room looks forward to working with NJPA's 30,000 nationwide members," said PJ Bellomo, CEO for Property Room. "We expect our customer base and online expertise will prove to be a great fit for their member agencies." Property Room has earned the trust of over 1 million registered users nationwide who value the security and savings offered on the site backed by superior customer service. Based on years of experience, Property Room generates accurate product descriptions, destroys counterfeit merchandise, and delivers a positive experience for shoppers.

According to Kelly McAllister, contract manager for Auction Services at NJPA, Property Room is well known for its full service approach and is the only vendor who will "come and take away your problems and send you back money." McAllister added, "This contract award with Property Room is an ideal fit for our Auction Services Contract. We are very proud to have Property Room named a vendor partner as their level of service absolutely minimizes the administrative burden and work demands made on our members' staff. Property Room provides our members total transparency into the auction process while fully accounting for every item sent to them and has the proven ability to carry out a national contract purchasing program to our members."

About Property Room:
Property Room works with many of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, including the NYPD, LAPD, Houston Police Department and Boston Police Department, among others. Auctions also include merchandise from wholesale liquidators attracted by the active national audience of bidders.

About NJPA:
The National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is a Municipal Contracting government agency established through legal statute in 1978. NJPA serves over 30,000 Members throughout the nation with competitively awarded.