LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) announced a $2.2 million Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Conversion Rebate Program to supplement the state's efforts to promote alternative transportation fuels. The incentive rebate program hopes to accelerate the use of alternative transportation fuel for government vehicles, fleet vehicles, taxis, and mass transit. The rebates will provide an incentive for fleets to purchase and/or convert their Arkansas-licensed vehicles to CNG. Rebates will be given directly to fleet operators following their conversion or purchase of CNG vehicles.

Eligible applicants are Arkansas state government agencies, institutions of higher education, cities, counties, school districts, and private fleets. To qualify as a fleet, an organization or business needs to own 10 or more vehicles in the name of the entity and must convert at least four vehicles. No single entity may receive more than $440,000.

Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis until December 31, or until funds are depleted, whichever comes first. Rebates will be limited to 50 percent of the conversion or incremental cost per vehicle, but cannot exceed $25,000.

The initial reservation request form will be accepted beginning August 19. For more information, visit the Arkansas Energy Office (AEO) website.