FREDERICK, MD – Frederick County’s board of county commissioners voted, earlier this month, against a potential public-private partnership plan that would have outsourced a range of county services, including the fleet services division. The board delivered this news to County employees in a letter and via an announcement on the County's website.

In February, several County commissioners and other officials visited the City of Sandy Springs, Ga., which has a large public-private partnership for local government services, according to County documents. The board of commissioners also commissioned a report by Oliver Porter of PPP Associates, LLC, who was involved in establishing the public-private partnership in Sandy Springs.

Since PPP Associates delivered the report in June, the board held two public hearings, where officials received a list of “excellent suggestions” for the board and County employees to work together to reduce costs.

The board’s announcement stated that although it is no longer considering the outsourcing report and timeline for establishing the public-private partnership, the board still intends to review the potential benefits of reducing spending through pilot and hybrid public-private partnerships, as presented by County division directors.