SPARKS, NV – The City Council in Sparks voted to outsource street sweeping services to a company called Contract Street Sweeping Services on June 14, according to City documents and the Sparks Daily Tribune. Outsourcing this service will require laying off two City employees.

The City’s maintenance division was asked to consider operations to outsource and after receiving a series of bids, the City selected Contract Street Sweeping Services. The company is able to provide its services at an annual cost of $111,000, accordig to City Council meeting documents. The documents also state that the City’s cost for providing these services was $218,596 per year.

The contract period with Contract Street Sweeping Services is 12 months with the option to add two additional 12-month contract terms. The contracted rate is $15 per mile with an allowance for changes in fuel prices.  This contract doesn’t cover clean-up after snowstorms, floods, events in Sparks, accidents, or leaf sweeping.

City documents state that Sparks will use GPS logging and routine audits by City staff to monitor performance.

You can view the Sparks Daily Tribune article here.