LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Arkansas State Republican party recently dropped its lawsuit over personal use of State vehicles by Arkansas public officials. The party had sued seven Arkansas state officials and the State Speaker of the House of Representatives for alleged personal use of State-owned vehicles. Judge Tim Fox, Circuit Judge in the Sixth Division of Pulaski County, granted the dismissal motion.

In response to this lawsuit, Beebe issued an executive order in October of 201 that restricted use of vehicles to State business only. The order mandated that State vehicles be clearly marked when used for commuting, and that employees must obtain waivers to use these vehicles to commute. Law enforcement officers are exempt. In addition, the State’s legislature passed Act 1012, which extends reimbursement requirements to constitutional officers for personal use of State-owned vehicles.

Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb gave the following statement on the decision to drop the lawsuit.

“We could not have received a better result if we proceeded to court,” Webb said. “We commend the Legislature for recognizing the abuse of state vehicles by elected officials and passing Act 1021. We feel this is a bi-partisan resolution that benefits the people of Arkansas. Had this law not been passed, we would have proceeded in court.”