ROCHESTER, NY – The City of Rochester's Equipment Services division has completed the Sentinel World Class Fleet Certification program offered by Fleet Counselor Services. The division scored 97 percent, the highest score achieved in the certification program to date.

Government Fleet magazine created a photo gallery of images of Rochester's facilities that you can see here: Rochester Equipment Services Gallery.

Rochester’s Equipment Services division maintains a fleet of 1,947 on and off road units in a City with a population of 210,565 (as of 2010). Fleet Manager Michael Quattrone’s fleet is one of 175 working on the certification program. The City's staff involved in fleet includes 68 full-time and four part-time positions authorized or funded.

“It really shows we have a very talented leadership team. This gives us the added confidence to strive always to be the best,” Quattrone said. “You can preach it to each other every day, but until you look deep inside your organization (which this certification process does) you really do not know how good you truly can be. In this very challenging time, this certification gives us the edge to say, ‘Yes, we can do this better, cheaper, faster.’ This seems always to be the preaching motto of all of the outsourcing companies, so I am sure no one will be knocking at this door any time soon.”

According to Fleet Counselor Services, there are currently 10 certified fleets in North America. Four are utilities fleets, (all of which made Fleet Counselor Services’ high score list), and six municipal agencies, five of which made the high score list.

Other fleets on Fleet Counselor Services’ high score list for the Sentinel World Class Fleet Certification program include the following:

  • Denver Water Board Fleet Administration
  • Las Vegas Valley Water District
  • The City of Fort Collins Colo.
  • The City of Fresno, Calif.
  • The City of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Fleet Services
  • Tucson Electric Power Company
  • The City of Austin, Texas.
  • River Project (SRP), an Arizona electric and water utility