CHARLOTTE, NC - Government fleet managers were honored at this year's NAFA I&E in Charlotte for their fleet management ideas and sustainability initiatives, with two public sector fleet managers receiving the Larry Goill Quality Fleet Management Idea Award and two public sector fleet managers out of four receiving the Sustainability Awards.

Bob Stanton, CPM, CPFP, director of Polk County (Fla.) Fleet Management, received the 2011 Larry Goill Quality Fleet Management Idea Award for incentivizing County drivers to drive more fuel-efficiently, offering a payout if they achieved better fuel mileage. According to NAFA, this led to fuel consumption reduction of nearly half a million gallons, or 13 percent. This is Stanton's third Goill Award.

Bryan Flansburg, CAFM, director of transportation services for the University of Colorado, received the Goill Award for implementing an automated motor pool vehicle check-in system. The system resulted in a 60-percent reduction in motor pool staffing, NAFA stated.

NAFA awarded the Sustainable Fleet Awards to Angela Sherick-Bright from the City of Los Angeles, which operates about 450 refuse vehicles that operate on alternative fuel (CNG and dual-fuel diesel), which according to the City is the largest in the nation. The City also has about 160 sweeper units that run on CNG. In her acceptance speech, Sherick-Bright stated the City has committed $97 million in infrastructure for continued sustainability. The City recently opened another natural gas fueling station for its refuse fleet.

Gerry Calk, fleet officer for the City of Austin, Texas, was also awarded for fleet sustainability. In 2007, the City set a goal to have a carbon-neutral fleet by 2020, and since then, fleet has significantly raised its alt-fuel vehicle and equipment percentage. The City operates 5,303 on- and off-road units with 499 units of auxiliary equipment. Of its units, 1,071 run on alternative fuel, including CNG, propane, E-85, and hybrid.

"A lot of cities talk about building sustainability in their operations and their fleet; Austin is doing something about it, and it's helped make us one of the more desirable places to live," Calk told Government Fleet. "Austin's commitment to the environment is one of the things that attracted me to live here."

Sustainable Fleet Awards winners in the commercial sector were Gary Polito of EMD Millipore and Amy Leddy of Liberty Mutual.

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