BOISE, ID – Boise’s Fleet Services Division is using a secure self-service kiosk and key control solution specially designed to withstand the extreme changes in temperature and inclement weather common in the region. The City worked with Agile Access Systems to develop the kiosk.

"FleetCommander's existing off-the-shelf product was perfect for our indoor garage location,” said Dennis Falconer, City of Boise Fleet Services. “However we needed a solution for an additional outdoor location that could survive the elements and allow employees to pick up and return vehicle keys anytime day or night. The FleetCommander team delivered what we needed. The bright, full-color kiosk is intuitive for our employees, is available around the clock, and able to withstand weather extremes. The temperature extremes in our outdoor location are not a problem for the new solution. The temperature was down below 20 degrees last night, and when I checked the digital thermometer in our kiosk today, the internal low temperature recorded was 46 degrees. I'd say that's a success!"

Agile engineers, who work at the company that created FleetCommander, developed a solution that houses a thermostatically controlled thermal management system to continually monitor and maintain temperatures with heating and air conditioning for the kiosk and key control hardware within. The solution also includes thermostat readings and a back-up power supply to keep the key box operational in the event of a power outage.

The City of Boise's Fleet Services Division was named one of the 100 Best Fleets in North America by Government Fleet magazine for the last two years, 2009 and 2010. The City's fleet competed against 5,000 fleets that submitted applications from more than 38,000 eligible public fleet departments in North America. The City of Boise Fleet Services Division was recognized for its efficiency, working environment, productivity, and ability to bring a sense of urgency to municipal government.