SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento City Council approved an agreement at its March 29 council meeting for 10 Zipcars in the downtown area. The City expects to save $35,000 this year by retiring five motor pool fleet vehicles, according to a release from the City.

The one-time savings would result from retiring the vehicles from maintenance as well as parking expenses, according to Linda Tucker, media and communications specialist for the City of Sacramento Department of Transportation.

Keith Leech, fleet manager for the City, told GF that the five vehicles are low-use vehicles used by employees in downtown Sacramento during peak demand periods. "We're going to cut our downtown City Hall carpool down to the normal demand [supply], and use the Zipcars for peak demand instances," he said.

The vehicles will be reassigned through a reuse program, he added. "It's particularly important since we're having to deal with the budget shortfalls here, like everywhere else, and we're probably not going to be able to replace everything that's coming due for replacement next year," Leech said.

The only cost the City would incur is lost revenue from the 10 metered parking spaces where the vehicles will be parked and the cost to install signage, according to the release.

Zipcar, Inc., was selected as the City's car share provider following a competitive bid process last year. If passed, the Zipcars would be available for use by March 30, according to the release.

(Updated March 30)