HARRISBURG, PA – Governor Tom Corbett (R) of Pennsylvania has ordered a review of the State’s fleet in order to reduce its size and cost. The governor was elected on a platform focused on government reform, job creation, and reducing taxes, is looking at a range of options.

The review is looking at a range of cost-cutting options, from leasing vehicles to personal reimbursement, according to a news story from the PA Independent. Beyond leasing and personal reimbursement, the review seeks to propose policies to limit State employees’ use of vehicles.

According to a 2009 report, conducted by the State's Auditor General's Office, Pennsylvania has 16,637 vehicles in its fleet, which cost $72.5 million to operate. Some of the policies proposed in the report include requiring electronic monthly reports from employees with permanently assigned vehicles, making sure that State vehicles are assigned to drivers in cases where reimbursement would cost more, and greater centralization of fleet management.