Mayor Vincent Gray requested that the District of Columbia Office of the City Administrator (OCA) conduct a thorough review of all current laws, policies, and regulations relating to procurement and use of fleet vehicles, according to a release from the City Administrator's office.

"The recent inquiries into official use of government vehicles are timely and warranted," City Administrator Allen Lew said. "We will ensure that all current laws and regulations are followed."

Lew requested relevant documentation on all fleet vehicles, which personnel have access, and how each is currently being used. OCA staff is also reviewing best practices for fleet procurement and management, according to the release.

In addition, Councilmembers Jack Evans and Sekou Biddle on March 1 announced  introduced legislation that would require mayoral and Council approval for all new and expired District vehicle leases, a release from Evans' office stated.

The Automobile Lease, Procurement, and Disposal Reform Act of 2011 aims to phase out leased vehicles not essential for daily work-related activities and require a clear justification for all used vehicles, Evans said.

Andrew Huff, director of communications for the Office of Councilman Evans, told Government Fleet that the entire council co-sponsored the bill, including Chairman Kwame Brown. It has been referred to the Committee on Public Works and Transportation, headed by Councilman Tommy Wells, which will decide if and when a hearing will be held.

On Feb. 28, Wells issued a preliminary report of the procurement and use of D.C. vehicles.