GLENDALE, AZ – The City of Glendale, Ariz. Added GPS to 68 sanitation trucks. According to the Glendale Star, the system contributed to a 7-percent increase in fuel economy and a 4-percent reduction in miles driven. The Arizona Republic reported that the GPS units cut vehicle miles driven by 50,000. The GPS systems installed in the trucks came from Zonar and the City used them in a six-month pilot program in 2008 before deciding to install them in all of the sanitation trucks.

According to a Zonar spokesperson, the GPS system itself installed in the trucks was the company’s V2J High-Definition GPS/Vehicle Diagnostics System, which acts as a hub for other devices. The City also used Zonar's handheld EVIR device, which City technicians can use for pre- and post-trip inspections, and the company’s Ground Traffic Control Web-based real-time fleet information delivery platform, which monitors metrics such as idle time and fuel used, among others.