FRESNO, CA - A Fresno County Grand Jury report released Jan. 21 stated that the grand jury was impressed with the overall management of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office (FSO) vehicles. The report also stated that cost savings could be realized through use of County Fleet Services for vehicle maintenance and recommended FSO implement a pilot maintenance program.

The grand jury investigated FSO's vehicle purchasing program, its take-home vehicle program, and its fleet maintenance.

The grand jury found FSO's current purchasing program effective and offered no recommendations for changes. It also found "the current FSO take-home vehicle program is successful and meets all the objectives used for initiating the program." These objectives were: making citizens feel safer, better vehicle maintenance in the care of one driver, and increased deputy productivity in not having to set up and remove equipment from various vehicles.

A cost comparison of services between County Fleet Services and outside vendors led to the grand jury's proposal of a six month pilot program to further compare costs. The grand jury expects the pilot program will show a cost savings in vehicle maintenance, and if the pilot program proves County Fleet Services to be more efficient and cost effective, it recommends FSO implement a one-year contract with County Fleet Services with an option for a second and third year.

The grand jury also recommended County Fleet Services to review vehicle take-home policies of all County departments.

To view the report, click here.