SACRAMENTO, CA - The City of Sacramento's recent implementation of vehicle telematics has led to significant reductions in fleet fuel consumption and operating costs. The City equipped more than 400 vehicles with electronic fleet management products from Zonar Systems, according to a release from the company.

"Utilizing trip-level metrics on operator behavior and vehicle performance directly impacts behaviors and leads to improved fuel efficiency," said Keith Leech, fleet manager, City of Sacramento. "Visibility into fleet operations brings automatic accountability that impacts workforce productivity."

The City performed an ROI analysis with a sampling of 184 of the City's fleet vehicles representing 14 different vehicle types. "The analysis identified savings in excess of $60,000 a month in fuel costs alone, quite an impressive figure considering the cost to equip those 184 vehicles was just over $110,000. Simply stated, the Zonar system paid for itself in just two short months," Leech said.

The solution optimizes vehicle routes, monitors vehicle performance, identifies opportunities for improvements in driver behavior, and streamlines the pre- and post-trip inspection process, according to the release.