LONG BEACH, CA - The Port of Long Beach, Calif., has extended its three-year contract with WebTech Wireless Inc., a provider of vehicle fleet location-based services and telematics technology, for its Quadrant fleet management solution.

The initial application service provider (ASP) contract was awarded in July 2007 for the deployment of 600 WebTech Wireless Locator devices in trucks using the Port. The new contract extends the agreement to Jan. 1, 2014, and focuses on providing ongoing services for these vehicles.

The Port of Long Beach is deploying the solution in support of the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Trucks Program - a major California air quality improvement initiative. The program provides financial assistance for truck operators to replace or upgrade their trucks with low-emission engines, provided they meet certain program requirements, such as operation only within California. Quadrant GPS/GPRS Locators installed in each vehicle transmit location and diagnostics data to the web-based Quadrant Manager, which helps the Port monitor Program compliance, as well as miles driven, idling, and fuel consumption, enabling the Port to quantify the pollution avoided and determine the cost-effectiveness of the program, according to WebTech.