BOYNTON BEACH, FL - Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated (OTCBB: PFTI) announced Jan. 11 it has received certification for ISO 9001:2008, validating its Quality Management Standards process for "design, manufacture, sales, and distribution of bypass oil filtration systems and replacement filters for various industries."

The ISO 9001:2008 standard is recognized internationally and applied to manufacturing and service organizations to ingrain and document a consistent quality management system. The foundation of ISO 9001:2008 is continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Kevin G. Kroger, president and COO, said, "We began the transition to ISO 9001:2008 last year, at the end of our 2009 re-certification process for ISO 9001:2000. Quality Auditor Dan Abbott was instrumental in leading the efforts of the entire company in achieving this objective and ensuring that Puradyn remain compliant with this multi-faceted program.

 "Achieving ISO 9001:2008 certification assures our customers, current and potential, of our commitment to continuous improvement throughout our organization, a concept readily embraced by each and every employee at Puradyn. By carefully monitoring our processes and documentation, and working to constantly improve our product and service, we have been able to maintain the consistent quality, reliablity, safety, and integrity our customers require."

Kroger concluded, "Puradyn does not expect our customers to accept anything less than the best we have to offer in our product and our business practices. ISO 9001:2008 certification allows them to know, in advance, what they can expect when entrusting their business to us."  

About Puradyn Filter Technologies Incorporated
Puradyn (OTCBB: PFTI) designs, manufactures, and markets the puraDYN Oil Filtration System, the most effective bypass oil filtration product on the market today. It continuously cleans lubricating oil and maintains oil viscosity to safely and significantly extend oil change intervals and engine life. Effective for internal combustion engines, transmissions, and hydraulic applications, the Company's patented and proprietary system is a cost-effective and energy-conscious solution targeting an annual $15 billion potential industry.  Puradyn equipment was selected as the manufacturer used by the U.S. Department of Energy in a three-year evaluation to research and analyze the performance, benefits, and cost analysis of bypass oil filtration technology.