SAN FRANCISCO - The NAFA chapter previously known as the San Francisco Chapter has changed its name to the NorCal/Northern Nevada Chapter.

The impetus for the change was a perceived disconnect between the previous chapter name, San Francisco, and the actual region covered by the chapter. NAFA defines the chapter boundaries as "the northern two-thirds of California, and all of the State of Nevada except for the Las Vegas, Nevada area." That said, the chapter board felt the chapter name should better define the region covered and not be so localized and pin-pointed.

After informally proposing the name-change idea to chapter members, the chapter conducted an official online survey of all chapter members. Respondents were given a chance to vote for or against the name change. All those in favor of the change were then given the choice of 5 pre-screened name choices. The survey ran for approximately 2 weeks. The name chosen by the members was NorCal-North Nevada.

The results were sent to NAFA for approval. NAFA's Chapter Governing Board, chaired by Claude Masters, reviewed this request and unanimously approved the change. The chapter will be unveiling the new name and revised logo at its Annual Holiday Luncheon & Crisis Care Nursery Toy Drive on Dec. 9 in Walnut Creek, Calif.

Additional details are available at the chapter website:


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet