FORT MYERS, FL - Changes to the Lee County's cell phone policy are going to the Board of County Commissioners for approval. The changes will prevent cell phone or electronic device use while operating a County vehicle or piece of equipment. The changes will also be in effect when using personal vehicles for County business, according to the County's Fleet Management newsletter.

The proposed changes include:

"While operating any motorized equipment or vehicle for county business employees should do so free from voluntary distractions to include but not limited to eating, drinking, reading, talking and texting on cell phones, preparation of personal appearances, etc."

"Employees and volunteers are prohibited to use electronic devices while operating any motorized equipment unless operationally required. "Hands free" devices (e.g.: Bluetooth) may be allowed at the discretion of the Department Director or designee for safety and/or emergency purposes. Employees and volunteers will discontinue their use of any motorized equipment prior to using an electronic device. If necessary, the employee or volunteer will move to a safe location prior to using such devices."