COVINGTON, KY - The City of Covington reports positive customer service results after switching to a new online vehicle maintenance tracking system for its fleet assets, according to Fleet Manager Warren Van Overbeke. The use of CCG's Faster Maintenance Management System has given the city's internal and external fleet customers the ability to proactively manage their vehicle maintenance through a City Web site.

The Web site, developed in September to promote Covington Fleet Management's maintenance services to other municipalities in the area, allows fleet customers to link into CCG's Customer Service Center to inquire about upcoming preventive maintenance inspections, check current status of a vehicle in for maintenance, schedule a repair or service, or look up the maintenance history of a vehicle.

According to Van Overbeke, the Web site and CCG's application have made a positive impact toward expanding Covington Fleet Management's customer base and keeping current customers informed. The site has decreased calls from customers inquiring about repairs or items that may have been found during preventive maintenance inspections, and has increased the ability to better schedule vehicles and equipment in for service and repair, Van Overbeke stated.

Fleet Management began using the CCG system in May 2010.