STAMFORD, CT - The City of Stamford, Conn., is taking a proactive approach to address driver safety among its employees, including a revised fleet safety policy and a "How's my Driving" bumper-sticker program, according to a news release from the city's risk management department.

The City's Fleet Safety Policy has been revised and distributed to representatives of several unions for review. Once approved, all managers will be trained on the revised policy, and then train/retrain their employees on the new policy.

The "How's My Driving" program was officially launched Oct. 4, to correspond with the start of the National Drive Safely Work Week, sponsored by the Network of Employers of Traffic Safety (NETS). The program includes bumper stickers on various city vehicles (excluding public safety and emergency vehicles) that say, "How's My Driving? Please let us know.," and implementation of an online citizen driver safety reporting system. Citizens will have the opportunity to comment on the driving behavior of employees using City vehicles. 

Information gathered will lead to observation of driving habits, increased safety awareness, and additional focus on driver safety training, according to the release.