NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FL - The City of North Miami Beach Public Services Department, Fla., converted its vehicle fleet to the SOMS Technologies' microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter. The City's Public Services Department recently completed a test program with the product and projects that converting its vehicle fleet to the new filter will result in oil change maintenance savings of nearly 60 percent, according to a release from SOMS Technologies.

Airia Austin, operations manager for the City, stated that one benefit was more miles driven between oil changes than using conventional oil filters. He also asserted that the benefits gained, proven through independent oil analysis, included cleaner oil, no engine wear, fewer oil changes, and also increased savings and reduced disposal of hazardous materials. This initiative was derived from the City's Comprehensive Assessment of Revenues and Expenses (C.A.R.E.) Program.

The City of North Miami Beach is the latest municipal fleet to convert to the microGreen oil filter technology, according to the release.