KNOXVILLE, TN - Knox County, Tenn., Mayor Tim Burchett laid out a schedule of cost-cutting measures after his swearing-in ceremony on Sept. 1, expected to result in a 20-percent savings in the Mayor's budget.

"As my first act as mayor, I am instructing the Purchasing Department to take possession of the [former] mayor's and chief of staff's cars — and sell them," Burchett stated in his swearing-in speech.

"I am further instructing the Finance department that beginning Oct. 1 there will be no auto allowances given to department directors. These average $5,700 a year and together equal a savings of more than $50,000 a year," he continued.

"I, along with my senior staff and directors will do like employees do around the country. We will log our mileage and file reimbursement for justified business travel using the standard federal reimbursement rate — no take-home car, no allowance — just straight reimbursement for miles driven for work," Burchett said.

Other cost-saving measures include changes in grant oversight, personnel turnover, dismantling of the Department of Office of Neighborhoods, and controlling purchase card use.