SAN ANTONIO - A San Antonio woman whose SUV was hit by a police vehicle rushing to a call was told by City officials that that the City would not pay for damages to her vehicle. The City cited a law that gives cities immunity if one of their employees crashes into someone while responding to an emergency, according to WOAI.

The accident happened in May, and an officer on the scene told the driver the City would take care of it because the police report shows the accident wasn't her fault. Her 1999 Chevy Tahoe suffered front-end and transmission damage that left it undrivable. The repair cost was $3,500.

Three months later, the City sent Sandra a letter denying her claim, citing immunity.

The City's Risk Management department said special immunity protects the city from having to pay for Sandra's damages, even though the police car came into her lane and struck her car, and she did nothing wrong.

According to the news source, a supervisor later reversed the decision and agreed to send a check for the repairs.