WINTER HAVEN, FL - Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida has converted their patrol vehicles to the microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter, developed and manufactured by SOMS Technologies, LLC.

After an evaluation period, the fleet conversion allows the Sheriff's Office to take significant steps toward supporting both the need to reduce their fleet operating costs and the need to help preserve the environment, according to a release issued by SOMS Technologies.

The cost savings was one of the deciding factors for the Polk County Sheriff's Office fleet to make the change to the more environmentally efficient microGreen filter, according to the company. 

Francis Hart, Polk County Sheriff's Administrator Fleet Services Section, said, "Converting to the microGreen filter fits with our mission to both improve operational efficiency to benefit tax payers and to be proactive in helping preserve our environment. We have very high hopes for this filter and will begin testing on our new fleet Impalas using full synthetic oil to see if we can safely extend our intervals even further."

The microGreen Extended Performance Oil Filter reduces oil maintenance costs by 65 percent, decreases the use of motor oil by 70 percent, and reduces the number of filter changes by 50 percent. The double filtration of the microGreen filter keeps the oil cleaner and maintains the additive package, allowing vehicles to extend the use of motor oil up to 30,000 miles, according to SOMS Technologies.