BISMARCK, ND - The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department has unveiled a new style for the new vehicles in its fleet, according to The Bismarck Tribune.

The new cars are black, with words, stripes, and stars in gold, silver, and white. The old sheriff's department design featured a black-and-white paint job. Sgt. Jim Hulm said the black paint job will cost $1,200 to $1,300 less than the black-and-white paint job.

The new design also features a hood design that incorporates a star with 1873, the year the sheriff's department was established, and will be more visible at night, according to Hulm.

The new design will initially be seen on one new Chevrolet Impala, four new Dodge Chargers - which are replacing four Ford Crown Victorias - and one pickup, which is replacing a sport-utility vehicle.

In April, the department asked for public assistance in selecting between two potential new logos for its squad vehicles. Hulm said about 1,000 people voted, deciding on the chosen car by a 60- to 40-percent vote, reported the Tribune.