LOUISVILLE, KY - Louisville Metro Mayor Jerry Abramson recently announced plans to consolidate repair and maintenance operations for the city's fleet of 3,700 vehicles in the center of the community, according to the Louisville City Hall Examiner.  

The City of Louisville maintains 3,700 vehicles including 2,600 cars, light trucks, large trucks and other on-road vehicles and nearly 1,100 pieces of off-road equipment such as backhoes, trailers, and mowers.

The plan will combine three fleet facilities into a single, new location on Newburg Road as part of the mayor's proposed budget.

"The Metro Fleet Center is another step to improve efficiency and effectiveness of city government for our citizens," Abramson said. "It will speed up vehicle repairs and routine maintenance to put police cars, snow-fighting trucks, and other vehicles back on the road sooner."

Currently, the city operates maintenance garages at two locations, servicing cars, light trucks, and heavy equipment. In addition, the city maintains a third facility for installing in-car radios and computers.

When the facilities are combined into one location, the Public Works Department can add a second shift to allow more routine maintenance during overnight hours to minimize time that vehicles are unavailable for use, said Public Works Director Ted Pullen, reported the Examiner.

The Metro Fleet Center will perform all of the services currently provided at separate locations including:

  • Repairs.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Outfitting vehicles.
  • Welding and fabrication.