VISALIA, CA - Tulare County officials have updated some policies related to use of county vehicles, according to The Porterville Recorder.

Under the new policy, members of the Board of Supervisors will continue to receive mileage reimbursements in addition to their monthly car allowances.

County Administrative Officer (CAO) Jean Rousseau said the policy was not changed because it's allowed by the Internal Revenue Service, and because it is cheaper than purchasing and maintaining the vehicles on behalf of elected officials, reported the Recorder.

"It's pretty clear in our county, the allowance is not sufficient to pay for a car or its operation, after taxes are withheld, the actual take home is a lot less," he said.

Fifth District Supervisor Mike Ennis said that after taxes, his car allowance totals about $3,500 annually, a sum that he said does not cover the costs to pay for tires, service the vehicle, and pay insurance, the Recorder reported.

New travel reimbursement rules implemented include:

  • No mileage reimbursement for employees/officials assigned a county-owned or leased vehicle.
  • No mileage reimbursement for mileage to and from an employee/official's home to his normal work location.
  • Mileage reimbursements granted to elected officials and the CAO who opt to receive an automobile allowance in lieu of assignment of a county vehicle.