BURLINGTON, CO - Colorado's first-ever ethanol blender pump was placed into operation April 8 during a grand opening ceremony held April 8 at the Stratton Equity Coop in Burlington. 

"It says a lot that the first blender pump is opening in Burlington and in the heart of corn country," Rick Palkowitsh, an area corn farmer, told trade publication Colorado Corn. "As a farmer, I am excited we will be the first city in Colorado offering new technology to encourage the use of renewable fuels by motorists." 

Palkowitsh chairs Colorado Corn's Market Development Action Team. 

Blender pumps let customers choose from a number of preset combinations of ethanol mixed with unleaded gasoline. E85, for example, is a blend of 85 percent ethanol processed from corn, and 15 percent gasoline refined from crude oil. E20, E40 and E85 blends of ethanol will be offered at the Burlington pump. 

"This blender pump will give consumers more choices as to the type of fuel they choose," Palkowitsh said. 

In comparison, E85 pumps dispense one blend only. There are more than 100 E85 pumps in Colorado. 

Currently, blends higher than E10 can only be used in Flex Fuel vehicles. 

Displays of Flex Fuel vehicles were set up during the pump's grand opening. In addition, experts were on hand to provide information on using alternative fuels in fleets or for personal use. 

During its first day of operation, the pump dispensed 512 gallons of fuel, Domestic Fuel reported. The Colorado Corn Growers Association is working with state officials and others to find locations for nine additional blender pumps. 

To highlight the event, E20, E40, and E85 was sold for 99 cents a gallon to drivers of Flex Fuel vehicles. 

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet