AUSTIN, TEXAS - The Travis County Sheriff's Office (TCSO) is using advanced mobile phone technology to make the roads safer for drivers in the county.

TCSO is using Trapster, a driving and navigation-related application that allows the Sheriff's office to identify laser and radar enforcement points, accidents, road closures, traffic jams, dangerous intersections, and other road hazards.

The Trapster application plays a spoken alert when a user approaches a location that has been entered by other Trapster users. A newly released version of the iPhone application now shows a TCSO badge when a driver approaches a location that was entered by the traffic enforcement officers themselves. Several other police departments across the U.S. have now also partnered with Trapster. Those notifications will be live in the coming weeks, and widespread adoption is expected.

"We are grateful that the partnership with Trapster gives us another tool to notify the public about road conditions as well as gaining compliance with the speed laws to make the streets of Travis County safer," said Sheriff Greg Hamilton.