WAYNE, PA - AssetWorks, a provider of fleet management software and automated fuel management systems announced Feb. 23 that the City of Norwalk, Conn., has signed a contract to deploy FleetFocus and FuelFocus.

The City of Norwalk maintains a fleet of nearly 500 vehicles and equipment units throughout three maintenance facilities. The integrated AssetWorks' FleetFocus and FuelFocus solution replaces two independent products that the city currently uses to track its maintenance activities and fuel data.

Looking to streamline maintenance department operations, Norwalk decided to transform its current paper-based process with a comprehensive, interoperable fleet maintenance software and fuel management application. The existing system used paper work orders tracked through hard copy files which were then manually typed into the system once the work was complete. The antiquated solution lent itself to numerous data errors and made reviewing work order history especially difficult.

FleetFocus' fleet management software solution replaces the City of Norwalk's existing system with a paperless workflow. The system can help track information in real-time, increase employee productivity, provide better insight into equipment work history, and improve historical record retention. By implementing AssetWorks' integrated automated fuel management system, FuelFocus, Norwalk can improve accountability for consumable assets, lower overall fuel expenditures and reduce fuel waste and abuse.

FleetFocus and FuelFocus track asset maintenance and fuel management information in real-time on a single database which can simplify processes, reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and improve productivity. Because the AssetWorks' solutions are seamlessly integrated, all relevant fleet maintenance and fueling information is stored in one place making it easier to access.

"We selected FleetFocus to help us improve our overall maintenance practices. FleetFocus can help improve our workflow and give us access to information and data trends that simply weren't possible with our old system," stated Hal Alvord, director of public works. "The fact that FuelFocus integrates all the fueling data right into FleetFocus' maintenance database makes the system even more powerful. Now we can track the true costs to operate and maintain our fleet."