PHOENIX - Photo-enforcement cameras have snapped employees driving Maricopa County vehicles more than 1,500 times over the last two years as they exceeded speed limits and run red lights, according to the Arizona Republic.

County workers were held responsible for about 10 percent of tickets received from 2008 to early this year while driving in a county vehicle, according to the Republic.

The county's risk manager, Peter Crowley, said speeding tickets alone do not expose the county to liability because individual workers are usually responsible for paying the fines, which cost about $200 for each state citation. But if the employees have accidents in county vehicles while on county business, it can open up the county to liability and lead to expenses for car repairs and legal settlements, the Republic said.

County departments handle tickets differently, with some requiring employees to appear before safety committees to explain why they received tickets, tickets added to personnel files, or suspension or termination if the position requires a driver's license.

More than 10,000 county employees, sheriff's posse members, and park hosts are permitted to either drive the county's 1,900 vehicles or drive their own vehicles while doing county work, reported the Republic.

Employees must have a safe driving record and some must take safe-driving courses before they are permitted to drive, said Crowley.