TULSA, OK - The sale of 197 cars, vans, pickups, SUVs, large trucks, and heavy-equipment items brought in more than $473,000 from 760 registered bidders at the City of Tulsa's Dec. 12 surplus vehicle auction, according to the City Web site.

The highest price received for any of the vehicles was a $26,000 bid for a vactor truck used by crews working on sewer lines.

A citywide efficiency study of vehicles identified 239 vehicles to sell. Those not utilized enough were added to the auction inventory. A portion was sold at the City's regularly scheduled surplus property auction in early November.

Initially, there were no minimum price "reserves" on the surplus vehicles being auctioned off. However, concerns about the pricing from Councilor Bill Christiansen, reported by kjrh.com, prompted the City to adjust and put reserves on the "cleaner" vehicles.