COSTA MESA, CA - In efforts to "green" its neighborhood delivery fleet and cut fuel costs, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has deployed T3 Series Electric Stand-up Vehicles (ESV) for mail delivery in Irvine, Calif.; San Diego; Sun City, Ariz.; and two cities in south Florida.

USPS has been looking for alternative-fuel options to replace 195,000 neighborhood delivery vehicles of its total 220,000-vehicle fleet. The agency worked with T3 Motion, Inc. to develop the ESVs, which are equipped with a specialized cargo rack system, on-board parcel storage, and a custom solar-powered alarmed trailer. 

The T3 Series ESVs can be used with or without a trailer. The trailer stores mail and packages, and features lockable and secure compartments and a solar panel to power the trailer's anti-theft system. The trailers also have GPS and special braking features.

USPS carriers wear a helmet and stand when operating the T3. The unit has a range of 40 miles, a maximum speed of 12 mph, and a load capacity of 450 lbs. In addition, it produces zero emissions and costs less than 4 cents a mile to operate, according to the manufacturer. USPS fuel costs in 2007 were $1.7 billion and were expected to increase in 2008 by more than $600 million.

"We are looking for vehicles that operate from a fuel source that will reduce or eliminate our dependence on petroleum products, that are good for the environment, good for our customers and good for the Postal Service," said Irvine Postmaster Pete Galindo.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet