TULSA, OK - Tulsa Police officers who live outside the city limit and take patrol cars home at night may be violating a city ordinance, reported The News on 6.

While more than half of Tulsa's police force lives outside the city limits and drive patrol cars home each day at city expense as part of their pay, a council attorney says the benefit violates a city ordinance, according to News on 6.

City of Tulsa's ordinance states officers may drive their cars home as long as they live in the city limits and park in plain sight. The police contract states officers may drive cars home as long as they live within a 25-mile radius.

Fraternal Order of Police President Phil Evans says the city council came up with the ordinance to circumvent the administration's bargaining power. He pointed out that city legal reviewed and approved the contract that includes the-take home cars.

Read the city policy on take-home vehicles.