CEDAR RAPIDS, IA - Collective Data Inc., a provider of fleet operations management software, announced the release of collectiveShop, the latest in their line of enterprise level software. The company developed the new product in order to facilitate a growing demand in the fleet industry.

"Due to current economic conditions many shops have had to do more with less," said Sean Taylor, director of sales at Collective Data. "This product is focused on helping internal shops or managed fleet providers squeeze every last dollar out of their day."

"We worked with direct feedback from our customers to develop this solution," said Jason Wonase, president and software engineer for Collective Data. "By working with all levels of users to prototype interfaces and work flow processes, we were able to identify the best real-world solution to fit their needs."

The software offers simple views based on job description, aimed at streamlining and increasing efficiency throughout the shop floor. A supervisor view provides a quick snap-shot of what work is in progress, pending, or completed at any given moment of the day. Work assignment view gives managers or shop foreman the ability to assign the appropriate tasks to the right technician. Jobs are tracked on system-based time, giving managers an accurate look at how long jobs take to complete. "With an innovative new flow process, it allows shop foremen to be more proactive about what is happening in their shop and manage their resources better," said Taylor.

Technicians and parts distribution also benefit from the system with technician and parts issue views. "They save significant time when entering real-time information. With the click or push of a few buttons, technicians can clock in and clock out of work, assign themselves to new or other work orders, and record information about the work they have performed," said Wonase. "Parts managers can better analyze the usage trends of their parts to keep more appropriate amounts in stock, as well as auto generate purchase orders for parts that need to be ordered."

"Improved time management, improved job flow, and improved parts management are just a few of the benefits of having a system like collectiveShop," commented Taylor. "We listen closely to what the needs of people in this market need, and we have created a powerful solution to match those needs."

About Collective Data, Inc.

Collective Data is a privately held corporation that produces fleet operation and maintenance management software solutions deployed by over 600 public, private and commercial organizations.  Collective Data also provides additional services to its customers including consulting services, custom application development and data conversion.  Collective Data is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  More information about Collective Data is available at www.collectivedata.com.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet