FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Fort Smith Police officers no longer allowed to take home vehicles must now drive their own personal cars to work, taking up additional space in parking lots, reported 5News.

The decision to cut take-home vehicles was made more than a year ago in efforts to cut $77,000 annually, and now, the chief of police has asked the city administrator to reconsider not only the policy but also additional parking. Many employees are now forced to park on the street, 5News reported.

Parking has also limited public parking spaces for individuals who need to file a report, speak with an officer, be interviewed by detectives, or have their fingerprints taken.

Chief Kevin Lindsey told 5News he's proposing that take-home cars be reinstated with a 25-mile radius restriction. Officers have even offered to pay 25 dollars a month to off-set the cost, according to 5News.