FORT WAYNE, IN - Allen County Sheriff's Department expects to have their new Dodge Chargers road-ready by the end of October, according to The News-Sentinel.

The dozen Chargers went into production in July and were delivered in early August. Sheriff Ken Fries is waiting now for the $22,000 cars to get painted and equipped with radios, lights, sirens, and other essentials, reported the Sentinel.

The new Chargers will replace the fleet cars ranked worst in maintenance records, mileage and age, and were paid for from the department's commissary account. County Council's 2010 budget does include money for additional car purchases, Fries told the Sentinel.

Fries expects the Chargers to have better fuel economy, handling, braking, power, and spaciousness over previous department vehicles. The current fleet includes six Chargers, with more to be added annually, the Sentinel reported.