RENO, NV - GRC-Pirk Management, a certified green consultant in North America, launched an online calculator to determine how much climate pollution is produced by automotive service and repair shops.

Climate calculations have quickly become the standard for pollution and energy reporting. The Web site offers free use of a click-to-calculate your carbon footprint - a top choice in the collision repair industry.

"EPA's Climate Leader partners are proving that businesses can save green by going green," said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. "These leading companies are reducing their climate footprints in cost-effective ways and contributing to this country's energy independence."

"The EPA will continue pioneering energy efficiency through programs like Energy Star, partnership with the Department of Energy in the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, and engagement in state and local climate and energy programs," she continued.

"We are excited at the prospect of engaging shops across the nation and will continue to develop new software with compelling graphics and standards to ensure everyone we come in contact with has the resources to get involved with personally making an immediate, tangible difference to the effects of climate change," said GRC-Pirk Management founder Steven E. Schillinger.

Calculating the carbon footprint of your shop can answer the compelling question . . . . . . . . . . "What can I do to help the environment?"

Sue Pallesen, Vice President of Operations said "by providing the free carbon calculator, we are encouraging shops to think about their impact on the environment. Climate change is emerging as a major challenge for modern society. Government, business, and the public will be affected. All of us have a role to play in tackling it."

The Certified Green Investment "CGI" Registry mission is to create a global network of eco-friendly shops by providing the necessary tools, understanding and motivation to bring emission reduction into the mainstream and make it a vital part of everyday life.

GRC-Pirk Management is encouraging shops in the U.S. and Canada to "go green" after launching its carbon calculator and "Green Sweep" monitoring service. The "Green Sweep" monitoring service meets stringent international validation and verification standards. Shops who achieve CGI green certification receive tax deductions, stimulus funding, and official government endorsements.

For more information, visit: or call 1-888-374-PIRK.