ASHEVILLE, NC - Altech-Eco Corporation, a pioneer in alternative fuel conversion technologies for automobiles, announced they have obtained a Certificate of Conformity from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their compressed natural gas (CNG) dedicated conversion system for the Ford Focus, for both model years 2008 & 2009 equipped with the 2.0 liter engine. Under the EPA's classification system (Tier 2 Bin 2) this dedicated conversion system has now achieved the cleanest possible emissions rating for an internal combustion engine, and therefore it qualifies for a $4,000.00 Federal Tax Credit. This CNG Focus achieves groundbreaking cleaner emissions while exemplifying the tremendous environmental benefits and large cost savings of natural gas as a transportation fuel. Altech-Eco's Director of Certification and Regulatory Affairs, Par Neiberger stated "We are extremely proud that this is the cleanest CNG conversion system in today's marketplace, and that it achieves emissions results cleaner than any internal combustion vehicle currently being produced by an automotive manufacturer. This vehicle is now available for immediate sale to Government, municipalities and industry, as well as the consumer".

Altech-Eco's EPA approved CNG fuel conversion system not only helps the environment by providing the cleanest emissions of any production internal combustion vehicle, but also significantly reduces dependency on foreign oil, because the vehicle operates entirely on lower-cost natural gas, saving consumers and industry money at the pump. Miles George, Vice President/CFO, stated that, "We need a national policy that creates concrete action immediately to make CNG vehicles widely available. Half of the national CNG infrastructure is already in place, and the large tax credits for natural gas vehicles will further expedite this evolutionary process.. CNG is one of the most abundant, cheapest, and cleanest fuels available and is a powerful alternative to gasoline and diesel. Our Ford Focus CNG conversions are perfect for fleets or residential consumers and you will be amazed by the performance and its low emission results."

About the Natural Gas Focus: This EPA approved Dedicated 2008 & 2009 CNG Ford Focus runs exclusively on compressed natural gas (called "CNG", although bi-fuel options are also available) and offers a driving range of 250 - 350 miles and an average 39 mpg on the highway and 28 mpg in the city (results may vary), with over 8 cubic feet of trunk space. Ford's original factory warranty remains valid and Altech-Eco provides an additional 80,000/mile or 8/year warranty on all emissions components. The 2009 Ford Focus with CNG option is now available for immediate sale at all participating Ford dealerships and approved aftermarket conversion facilities.

About Altech-Eco: Altec-Eco is one of America's most innovative manufacturers of the conversion technology that enables vehicles to switch from gasoline operation to natural gas operation. The Company is certified by the EPA as a Small Vehicle Manufacturer (SVM). It has already received approvals from the EPA for the Ford Focus and Ford Fusion natural gas vehicles, and is currently developing conversion technologies for the Ford F-150, the Ford Transit Connect, and propane fueled conversions for trucks. Those interested in obtaining more information on the company or its vehicles can visit the Company's Web site at or can call 828-654-8300.