NEW YORK CITY - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has apologized for violating his own environmental policy by letting his SUVs idle, reported CBS. He made the apology July 24 on his weekly WOR Radio show, saying "there's no excuse" and he "thoroughly" apologizes.

Bloomberg ordered his drivers to stop the practice last week. The Associated Press had observed the parked vehicles' engines running for long periods of time throughout New York City.

In 2007, Bloomberg announced he wanted to reduce the city's carbon count by 30 percent by 2030. He recently shortened the city's three-minute idling limit to one minute around schools. However, the limit does not legally apply to Bloomberg's SUVs, which are classified as emergency vehicles.

Months ago, he had "No Engine Idling" signs installed in all the E-85 Chevrolet Suburbans that transport him.