COLTON, CA - The City of Colton must decide what to do with the newly leased 2009 Lexus sedan former City Manager Daryl Parrish left behind when he resigned in late May, according to The Press-Enterprise.

Police Chief Bob Miller, currently acting as interim city manager, has not been driving the vehicle, but instead his Ford Crown Victoria police car.

When Parrish was in office, his contract as city manager provided a $500 monthly car allowance. He elected for the city to lease the $23,629 sedan and paid the difference of about $150 in the monthly lease payment out of his own pocket, reported the Enterprise.

The remaining balance is reportedly $19,500.

According to Miller, the city has three options: Continue leasing the car for the new city manager, turn it in and pay a penalty of as much as $19,500, or allow Parrish to take over the lease. Miller said Parrish is considering the third option.

Meanwhile, the Lexus is not in use and is secured in the city's police department parking lot.