MCHENRY, IL - It is possible no one in the world knows more about making a police car run safely then Ronnie Faison. For 35 years, the former equipment superintendent for the North Carolina Highway Patrol was responsible for managing one of the largest police pursuit fleets in the country.

After retiring from the Highway Patrol in March 2009, Faison became technical consultant and official spokesperson for the new Raybestos brand Police Braking System. Faison's relationship with Raybestos evolved over the final 15 years of his tenure, during which time he installed only Raybestos brand friction on every vehicle in and out of the NC Highway Patrol garage.

"The North Carolina Highway Patrol was involved in countless research and development tests with Raybestos product engineers at our driver training facility," said Faison. "They are constantly striving to improve their product and that's why Raybestos police brakes have always outperformed the competition, and why the new complete Police Braking System from Raybestos will perform unlike anything else in the fleet industry."

In his new role, Faison's responsibilities will include everything from product development and testing to public speaking engagements and appearing in Raybestos product spotlights and ads.

The components of the Police Brake System are designed to eliminate common problems that plague today's police vehicles. The system features the first aftermarket Police pad to earn D3EA® PPSV certification. The pads feature an enhanced formulation designed to reduce cost per mile.

The System's pursuit-proven rotors are created with Quiet on Arrival (QOA) Technology and an enhanced vane configuration that increases cooling air flow in the rotor. Also, the police-loaded calipers contain high-temperature silicone boots able to withstand double the temperature of normal EPDM rubber for a sustained period of time, therefore helping to prevent the "thermal events" many cruisers experience when a braking system overheats.

Designed to ensure officer safety while lowering a fleet's overall cost per mile, Faison believes this system will make a noticeable difference in the way a fleet operates.

"This system is the answer for any fleet manager that is faced with severe budgetary constraints but is still expected to provide the best brakes possible," Faison says. "This system is not only the best police-specific package available on the market today, but when you crunch the numbers you'll realize it's also the most economical."

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