BALTIMORE - Baltimore city officials will not release information on the costs of accidents involving free take-home cars provided to select city employees, reported Investigative Voice.

"Take-home" cars are provided at taxpayer expense for city employees to drive on official business, according to Investigative Voice. A Department of General Services report last month revealed roughly 149 vehicles were used by employees to commute to destinations outside the city, including Pennsylvannia, Delaware, and Virginia. Officials, however, said details of take-home vehicles involved in accidents were strictly confidential.

Officials said city drivers are responsible for submitting accident reports, which are not tracked or filed, to the law department's Central Bureau of Investigation and kept confidential as "attorney client information."

Questions regarding accidents involving take-home cars came to light after it was learned a city official recently had been involved in two accidents with a take-home car in consecutive days.

 Investigative Voice and Fox 45 revealed last month that accidents involving vehicles rented by the police department had cost the city roughly $400,000 inn the past year and a half.