NASHVILLE, TNIn efforts to keep 100 vehicles in the city's police fleet, all departments with vehicles have been ordered to find money-saving efforts in fleet expenses totaling $877,000, according to WSMV.

The $877,000 Metro police are trying to meet adds up approximately more than 100 police vehicles, reported WSMV. Metro police lost 100 cars from their fleet last year, and with the possibility of more than 100 more on the chopping block, officers are getting nervous there won't be enough cars to handle all police business quickly and efficiently, WSMV said.

Metro Officer Don Davidson has his own work car he takes home every night but fears as more officers are hired and more cuts to the fleet are made, that could change — and, he said, so would the service to the community.

"There's that potential that I could run up on something that I could help with that I wouldn't stop for if I was in my personal vehicle," said Davidson.

"We don't have a car for every officer as it is now ... You have detectives now that would have to come to a station, load up their gear into a car, then go out," said Fraternal Order of Police president Robert Weaver, as reported by WSMV. "It's going to slow your time getting on scene, and those can be crucial minutes."

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean's office issued a statement June 5 saying no patrol cars would be taken off the street.

Mayor Dean is expected to make the final decision on how much money and how many cars get cut before July 1, the beginning of the city's new fiscal year, said WSMV.