POUGHKEEPSIE, NY – Dutchess County will borrow $905,340 to replace vehicles in the sheriff's office, the County Office for the Aging, and other departments, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal.

The county will issue the bond to buy 36 vehicles, according to Colleen Pillus, spokeswoman for the County Executive's Office. Originally, about 78 vehicles were on a list to be replaced, but the office reduced the list to 36 due to budget concerns, Pillus said, reported the Journal.

The bond includes about $478,425 to replace law enforcement vehicles, $60,600 for construction vehicles, $164,125 for vehicles carrying 10 or more passengers, and $202,190 for other passenger vehicles, according to the resolution.

The sheriff's office will replace 14 vehicles with new units, Imperati said, most of which will be used for patrol, the K-9 unit or other divisions. The average cost of a law enforcement vehicle is $20,000 to $24,000.

Office for the Aging Director John Beale said it needs two 15-passenger vans, a 16-passenger bus, and a mid-size car for its senior centers.

The county provides nutritional meals, exercise programs, and health education. Once a week, drivers take seniors to the grocery store, Beale said. The office will receive the vehicles near the end of the year, reported the Journal.